The Lonely Doll Book, soft cover


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Once there was a little doll. Her name was Edith.
She lived in a nice house and had everything she needed
except someone to play with.
She was lonely! Then one morning Edith looked into the
garden and there stood two bears!

Since it was first published in 1957, The Lonely Doll® has established itself as a unique children’s classic. Through innovative photography, author Dare Wright brought the world of a doll named “Edith” and two teddy bears named “Mr. Bear” and “Little Bear”, vividly to life. Edith was a Series 109 Italian Lenci doll from her childhood, and German Shucco and Steiff brand teddy bears. With simple poses and wonderful expression, the atmospheric black & white photographs told an unforgettable story of friendship. The book was widely read throughout the 1960’s and is now being enjoyed by its third generation of readers.