The $2 Coin Book



Measures 17.5cm x 25cm.  A Collector’s Guide to Australian $2 Coins written by Roger McNeice OAM is a soft cover book containing chapters on the history of the $2 coin, looking after your collection and how to clean, store, catalogue and conserve.  There’s a full priced catalogue including a section on prices and the market including circulating issues, PNC’s, oddities and miss strikes.  First Edition is 110 pages.  The revised second edition will have extra information and pages.  Due for release within two weeks.  If you would rather wait for the second edition, let us know in the comments box.  We’ll post out as soon as it arrives.  Postage at checkout is a standard $15.  If you are purchasing just one book, postage will be $8. We’ll refund the rest.