Teddy Bear – Able Seaman Andy Miller




Limited Edition teddy bear released to commemorate the centenary of Australia’s Naval commitment in WWI.  1916-2016.  There were 2,500 released.    Able (Bodied) Seaman Andy Miller wears the Great War uniform: Number 1 Dress Blue Serge Uniform with blue seaman’s jumper and blue Class II cap.  The blue cap was reserved for R.A.N. sailors operating in the Northern Hemisphere.  The cap, ribbon, or tally band, is of Australia’s first Flagship H.M.A.S. Australia.  The tally is tied with a bow to be worn on the left side but was oft worn by ratings above the left eye.    The white lanyard secured his seaman’s knife and the silk scarf unfolded to a large multi purpose cloth.  The single chevron on the left sleeve recognised three years long service and good conduct.  His right sleeve ‘cuff rate’ indicates that he qualified as a Marksman 2nd Class.  Like many sailors of the era he does not have a non-substantive rate, or trade, and thus no badge on the upper right sleeve.  Teddy Seaman Miller measures 40cm in height and comes in a clear presentation box with certificate/information card.