Tea Towel – Hunter River, Morpeth



Featuring an original artwork by local Chris Lloyd, Morpeth Bridge spans the once mighty Hunter River.  Morpeth was founded in 1821.  The bridge was designed by Percey Allan and built from 1896 to 1898 by Samuel McGill.  It opened on 15th June 1898.  It’s a timber trestle bridge employing Allan trusses.  The estimated cost of its construction was nine thousand pounds.  The actual final cost was just two hundred and thirty nine pounds over budget.  Not bad considering construction was delayed by flooding and scaffolding that had been erected was washed away and had to be replaced.

Chris loves to take his kayak paddling down the river, with a fishing line & a plastic bucket in which to pick mulberries from the tree branches that overhang the river. Chris’ image has been reproduced on an organic cotton tea towel, grown & sewn in India.  It has been printed right here in Australia.  It comes packaged on a recycled, biodegradable, made locally heavy duty cardboard hangar.  The tea towel measures 70cm x 47cm.