SylvaC Scotty Dog Figurine


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How cute is this little dog?  Measuring 13cm in length x 5.5cm in height, Scotty is only marked with a ‘Made in England’ stamp on the base.  Everyone who sees him says the same thing, ‘Oh look it’s a Sylvac, but I’ve never seen one like that before!’

Sylvac apparently had over 200 different dog designs, but this fine fellow has that art deco shape and colour.  Is he an early dog model?  Only a dedicated collector may know the answer.

The company was founded in 1894 by William Copestake & William Shaw.  Central to the Sylvac line throughout its history were figurines of animals, rabbits and dogs in particular.  Although many colours and glazes were used, most people remember the distinctive orange or green glazes most.  Sylvac briefly ceased production in 1982 and the factory was purchased by Portmerion Potteries in 1991, and the brand Sylvac retired.