Swanky Swig Glass – Three Blind Mice


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This swanky swig glass was used by WC Douglass Ltd, based in Sydney.  They sold Fountain Sweet Fruit Chutney in it.  It measures 8cm high x 6cm diameter top of glass.  Find a Mother Hubbard in Red and you have the set.

These vintage 1950-1960’s glasses are unique to Australia. Known as Swanky Swig glasses, they began life as condiment jars for companies Kraft, Sanitarium, ETA (peanut butter), Cottee’s, Barnes Honey, Grieg’s Honey, Farmer’s Union & Gardner’s and one would have contained Vegemite, Marmite, Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise, sweet spread like Lemon Butter, Conserves, Savoury Relish and pastes for sandwiches, honey, cocktail onions or nuts. Once the contents were consumed, re use and collect the glasses to form a set of many colours.