Swanky Swig Glass – North Melbourne Kangaroos *Tiny Chip to Rim*


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There’s a tincy tiny chip to rim, you might just make it out in the photo to the left of front centre.  Measures 11cm high.  No damage.  ‘Swanky Swig’ glasses once contained condiments – jam, spreads, pastes, nuts, even pickled onions.  Kraft, ETA (peanut butter), Sanitarium, Greig’s Honey & many other companies used these re-usable glasses.  Consume the contents and collect the glass.  Most date from 1940 – 1960’s.  Nutella have used them into the 1990’s and occasionally even now they make a resurgence and feature Mr Men, Simpson’s and other contemporary characters.  This Greig’s Honey glass was part of a series released that featured VFL, now AFL  Aussie Rules teams.