Scrap – Gulliver’s Travels



This giant scrap measures Height: 32cm x Width: 18cm.  It’s a thick cardboard.  Apologies for the photograph.  It is wrapped in cellophane for protection.  If you’d like unwrapped images emailed to you, I will do so.

This scrap is around 130 years old.  Circa 1880’s many have been printed in Germany – Bavaria, Berlin, Munich – for the English market.  The colours are so vibrant, considering their age, and this indicates their high quality.  By 1900’s onwards the scraps are smaller and poorly printed, with wishy washy colours and double imprint images.  The larger the scrap is, the rarer they become and certain images such as Christmas, children and those that tell a story are highly sought after.  They are also little snap shots of significant events and common life in the late 1800’s.  What people used in their homes, what they wore, what they read.

100 years ago scraps were often purchased as play things for children.  Children would cut them out from a full sheet of scraps and paste them into scrap books.  Others were given strength at the back, with a little cardboard leg and propped up in a dolls house or in the play area.  100 year old scrap books command high prices around the world.  They are purchased and the scraps taken out and sold separately to the collectors of today.  They are collected for their age and beauty, some are framed as artworks to admire.  Others use them in craft projects – modern scrapbooking, to scan and reproduce onto fabrics that can be patch worked or embellished for example…