Savoury Ham Jam



This delicious savoury cherry jam is the ideal accompaniment that enhances the flavour of all hams, whether on the leg and baked, a ham steak or shaved ham in a sandwich.  Sensational on your Christmas ham.  Also teams well with duck, smoked meats or pork.

All jams are slow cooked in small batches to achieve maximum flavour and complexity, and finished with freshly chopped herbs, a flourish of spice or fresh lemon zest… The balanced layering of flavours and the carefully created textures make these savoury jams winners to return to time and time again.

Spoonfed 380g Savoury Jams are all natural – no artificial flavours or preservatives & Gluten free. We stock:

Lamb Jam, Ham Jam, Pork Jam, Garlic Jam, Snag Jam, Red Onion (Winemakers) Jam, Hot Jam.