Satsuma Vintage Button x 1 with butterfly (code 112)


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Japanese Satsuma porcelain was first made in the province of Satsuma.  In around 1788 Korean potters were brought to Japan to work in the ceramic industry.  Many settled around Satsuma region of what is today southern Kyushu.  The first painted buttons were possibly made in 1890 and were finished with a unique crackle glaze which gave a cream appearance and the crackling was very fine due to the wood firing methods.  Miniature paintings were worked onto the button and outlined in gold.  A rim of gold was painted around the top outside edge of the button. Most Satsuma buttons are round.  By 1930-1950 with a change from wood firing to gas and electric kilns the crackling is not so fine.  More modern buttons are often white with no crackling at all and the painting is not as fine.  Satsuma buttons are greatly sort after.

Please enjoy your miniature butterfly painting.  This button has a self-shank and is 20mm diameter.  Excellent condition.  It is a more modern button without crackling.