Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Guinness Stout Bottle


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Can you imagine, or perhaps remember, watching the Queen on TV, or queuing on the street, as she passed by in her carriage on the way to her Coronation in 1953?  Afterwards you go to the pub to make a toast to her majesty with a bottle of stout.  This is that green bottle.  It’s been lovingly kept as a souvenier ever since.  Now you have the opportunity to become its custodian.  Put it on the bar, use it as a vase, or sit on the window sill and enjoy the colour as the sun filters through it.  Measures 20 cm in height.  No damage to glass.  It once featured a bottling label on the back which was cream, with a red and gold seal and red, white and blue coloured paper ribbon at the neck of the bottle.  “Foreign Extra Stout by Guinness.”