Playing Card Suits Glass Set of Four


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These playing card suit glasses were used by Kraft.  These are the short tumblers, they were also produced in a tall size, which we also have in stock, but not a full set.  Take note that there is a little colour loss or wear to the pyro glaze on these glasses.  They’ve been well used, but remain remarkable survivors from 60+ years ago.

These vintage 1950-1960’s glasses are unique to Australia. Known as Swanky Swig glasses, they began life as condiment jars for companies Kraft, Sanitarium, ETA (peanut butter), Cottee’s, Barnes Honey, Grieg’s Honey, Farmer’s Union & Gardner’s and one would have contained Vegemite, Marmite, Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise, sweet spread like Lemon Butter, Savoury Relish for sandwiches, honey, cocktail onions or nuts. Once the contents were consumed, re use and collect the glasses to form a set of many colours.