Monty Teddy Bear


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Teddy Monty is different – in each and every way.  He’s a colour never before done in Steiff’s long, rich history.  His mohair is a hand-batik, deep purple short pile with a light purple cotton backing.  As a finishing touch, a very subtle but visible coat of gold airbrushing was added.  Such a special bear, of course, needs a special accessory.  He wears a beautifully hand cast bronze Blossom Bell on a gold cord.  This bell was originally used for special ceremonies in India.  Monty is 28cm, has synthetic stuffing and is limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide.  His nose and claws are hand stitched with matching embroidery thread and his hand and foot pads are sewn from custom made wool felt.  Shake him softly and you will hear his Teddy bear voice in harmony with his sweet bell ringing.