Monkey with Maracas Wind Up Toy – vintage



Made in West Germany during the 1960’s, this monkey is in excellent vintage condition. Plastic eyes and painted features still strong with no fading or wear.  Felt hat and synthetic plush fur body over a paper-mache frame are in mint condition.  Monkey has a plastic key which winds him up, but he needs some assistance to play his maracas and doesn’t really work on his own.  A gentle tap tap, will enable him to play for you.  Monkey comes with original cardboard box, with a clear plastic front.  Printing on the box indicates it was sold by Sears stores in the USA.  Monkey measures around 19cm in height.

This wind up monkey was made by Max Carl.  In 1924 Max Carl took over a company for cuddly and soft toys in Judenbach that made wind up toys.  From 1930-1936 they produced the first musical orchestra monkeys for which the company is most famous for.

In 1952 Max Carl managed to escape from former East Germany with his son Helmut and he began production in Creidlitz, Coburg with just three items, developing the range to 150 items in the 1960’s.  In 1973 the company employed around 200 people. By 1992 production had ceased, a combination of old age for Carl and the fact that Japan was nowthe world leader in tin toy and wind up toy production.  Many German manufacturers closed from the late 1970’s onwards, unable to complete, making these german made toys highly collectible.