Molly Hound – Steiff


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Molly Hound 1927 Replica is a Limited edition of 927 pieces, 10cm high-sitting, white-green-tipped. Made of the finest mohair / wood wool stuffed. Head jointed / glass eyes.  Period-correct patented steel underscored “Button in Ear” and period correct ear tag.

The 1920s were the most successful “Dog Years” not only in the Toy Industry lead by Steiff, but in the fashion Industry. Steiff produced dogs of every breed but their most successful was “Molly”, offered for the first time in 1925. She was a big hit and caused quite a sensation when she outsold the teddy bears! Her popularity encouraged Steiff to make a wide variety of designs including bags, hand warmers, purses, pyjama cases, hand puppets and wheeled toys.  Molly was first made with tipped mohair.  Vibrant colours were later added, even in bright orange and of course this fabulous green which was specially created by Steiff Schulte manufacturing in Germany.