Mein Kampf Duo


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Both German language Editions, hard cover and in excellent vintage condition.  The Mein Kampf with dust jacket featuring Hitler is dated 1941.  Purchase separately $350.

The leather bound edition is dated April 1945.  It has a dedication in the front.  This book was given to a couple on their wedding day, by the town hall office in Coburg, just months before World War II ended in Europe. Coburg is the home town of Queen Victoria’s husband Albert, frequently visited by the crowned heads of Europe and their families.  Coburg is also home to one of Germany’s largest castles the Veste Coburg.  Coburg was little damaged during the war and whilst it remained part of West Germany, much of Coburg region fell on three sides under the Soviet Communist East German rule for decades, and largely cut off from western civilisation until 1989.  It’s a beautiful region to visit and home to much of Germany’s toy making and glass blowing industries.  This Mein Kampf Edition would have once been contained in a heavy cardboard outer sleeve.  Purchase separately $495.