Mediterranean Olives



Aurelio Marangon migrated from Italy for new opportunities and settled in Griffith, Riverina District in 1953.  Louis Marangon is now the patriarch of this family business, who produce some of the finest olives I have ever tasted (including those in Italy.)  The olives are harvested locally in Riverina and blended with love.

The result is delicious on an antipasto plate, tasty and popular in salads, on pizzas and in a bowl at the dinner table.  Over 5,000 years ago people discovered that not only could olive tree products be used for fruit or oil, but they were also a source of light, heat and medicine.  Olives are good for you.  Try different varieties and flavours to work out which one you enjoy the most.

They come packed in a 325g  vac sealed bag.  Store in the pantry for months.  When guests pop over unexpectedly, open them up and enjoy.  Any left over can stay in the vac seal bag with it’s zip lock, or place in a container.  Once opened consume within one week, (which will be easy to do.)

We stock from Riverina Grove:

Bum Hummers and Fart Starter Chilli Salsa, Garlic, Chilli/Garlic, Italian, Mediterranean & Kalamata Olives, Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar (which is only $12 for a 25oml bottle – cheaper than most but arguably just as good.)  We can special order in any Riverina Grove, Aurelio or Koala Foods product you use regularly.