Medallion – Battle of Romani Sinai Desert Light Horse




Not being an expert, these medallions were hard to photograph.  Available individually, there are six to collect.  Also available as a boxed set of six elsewhere in this war memorabilia section of the website.  Look to the picture on the left of each medallion.  This is the image that is engraved on the medallion.  Each medallion comes beautifully gift boxed and includes a limited edition certificate/information card and a vial of sand from the Gallipoli beaches.  A collectable for future generations.

The Battle of Romani took place from 3rd August, 1916 some 35 kilometres east of the Suez Canal, amidst the towering sand dunes of Sinai Desert.  Turkish forces attacked the British position at Wellington Ridge in the small hours of 4th August.  Only Australia’s Light Horse were in position to meet the attack and although pushed back they held the advance until reinforcements from the 2nd Light Horse joined the fight.  During the day troops from the 3rd Light Horse the New Zealand and 5th Mounted Brigades joined the frey.  The successful defence of Romani was a turning point in the war in the Sinai.  It ended the Turkish threat to the Suez Canal and marked the beginning of the British forces’ drive out of Egypt and into Palestine.  Of around 1,100 British casualties many were from the ANZAC mounted divisions.

During the battles of Fromelles and Pozieres on the Western Front, Australia suffered losses far greater than at Gallipoli, and in the desert at Romani the Australian Light Horse played a decisive part in the battle that finally put a stop to the Turkish threat to the Suez Canal and marked the beginning of the British forces’ push out of Egypt and into Palestine.