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Measures 10cm in height.  Set of five nesting dolls.

100% handmade in Russia.  The word Matryoshka comes from one of the most common names for women in Russia.  Provincial (village) Russians often called their ladies Matryona or Matryoshka.  This name was derived from the Latin ma-ter, which means mother.  The name was associated with the image of a strong, healthy, woman of a big family.

Even now nesting dolls are considered to be a symbol of motherhood and fertility.  A mother doll with numerous doll children, perfectly expresses the oldest symbol of human culture.  The dolls which nest inside one another and have been beautifully hand-crafted and hand-painted in Russia, are taken apart to reveal smaller dolls fitting inside one another.

The word babushka linguistically is linked to the proper name matryoshka by sound proximity.  There is also a link by the meaning of the word babushka.  In Russian language the word means grandmother and many, by association, believe that babushka stands for a little grandmother doll.