Mango Chilli Mayonnaise



Typically mild to medium in heat this mayonnaise combines exotic mango, chilli and a dash of brandy in a creamy homestyle mayonnaise. Serve with marinated seafood grilled to perfection!  it reallyis fabulous with seafood.  It’s creator Matilda says, Create a chicken salad with BBQ chicken, mixed lettuces, mango, red onion, herbs, avocado and fresh roasted macadamias.  Great with crusty bread.

Gourmet Afrika is ‘the taste of Africa’.  This is because Matilda is of South African descent.  She knows how to make a real Chilli Jambo and regularly takes foodie tours to south and central Africa.  Her recipes are authentic and you can taste that difference.  Her Peri Peri Marinade would be on this list, but we’ve currently sold out it tastes so good!

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