Lalique ‘Cherub’ Vase



Circa 1930’s. Signed Lalique, France on base.  Measures 20cm high x 14.5cm top of vase diameter.  No damage.

Rene Jules Lalique was a French glass designer known for his creations of glass art, perfume bottles, vases, jewellery, chandeliers, clocks and automobile hood ornaments.  Born in 1860, he died age 85 in Paris.  In 1872 when he was 12, Rene entered the College Turgot where he started drawing and sketching.  He also became an apprentice goldsmith to leading Parisian Art Nouveau jeweller and goldsmith Louis Aucoc.  He designed pieces of jewellery for Cartier, Boucheron and in 1885 opened his own business.  By 1890 he was recognised as one of France’s foremost Art Nouveau jewellery designers.  His name has always been synonymous with creativity, beauty and quality.  His work was commissioned by the great courts and collected by the world’s wealthy.  He took part in the 1900 Great Exhibition, which was the crowning moment of Rene Lalique’s career as a jeweller.

From 1905 Rene began to exhibit glass objects crafted in his workshop.  He became an Art Deco Glass Master, with a glass works in Alsace, France.  This is now the world’s only Lalique factory.

St Matthew’s Church at Millbrook in Jersey (British Channel Islands) has the most magnificent interior fittings I’ve ever seen.  A cross, entire rooms with walls of glass, screens, reredos and font. Serene angel faces cast their eyes down upon you from every aspect of the church with a clear and frosted glass contrast – the style he is known for.

His son Marc Lalique took over the family business when Rene died, and then Marie-Claude Lalique became head in 1977.  In 2008 Swiss group Art & Fragrance acquired the Lalique brand and in 2018 they celebrate 130 years of Lalique.  If ever there was a year to invest in Lalique this year is it!  If you love Art Deco, if you love glass, you must have a piece of Lalique in your collection.