JFK Half Dollar Coin Pendant


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With the mount total measurement is 4cm diameter.

USA Half Dollar.  90% silver.  Dated 1964.  The coin is mounted in a mount that has not damaged the coin, yet it can be worn as a pendant on a chain.  When John Kennedy was assassinated this coin was released as a commemorative.  Collectors hoarded the coin as a memento, which severely depleted the mint silver reserve.  They were only produced with a reduced silver content from 1965 until 1971.  The coin design has been so popular that it is still in production today, mostly as commemorative non circulating coins.

On March 24th, 1964 a line a block long formed at the treasury department window in Washington to purchase the 70,000 coins initially allocated for public sale.  Although the department limited sales to 40 per customer, by the end of the day, the coins were gone, but the line had not shortened.  Banks in Boston, Philadelphia quickly rationed supplies, but still sold out by noon.  Sales in New York did not begin until the following day and rationing was imposed there as well.

The mint struck Kennedy half dollars in larger numbers, their plan of 91 million in 1964 grew to 141 million then 160 million pieces… eventually 430 million coins were dated 1964, yet hardly any of them went back into circulation.  This is a true collector coin.