Heads of Faces of the Eastern Hemisphere Button Set


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SET OF HEADS OF FACES OF THE EASTERN HEMISPHERE.  Vintage set contains SIX BUTTONS; Arabian Sheik, Egyptian with sphinx headdress, Hindu with his draped turban, Chinaman, Negro and Turk with a fez. Original set had paint trim.  Re-issued set was without trim Squared Self-shank.

 Goofies or Goofy Buttons.  Realistic or Goofies are buttons (usually plastic) shaped like everyday objects. You can find flowers, food, circus, animals and even cartoon characters! Their hey-day came in 1930s to 1950s with the advent of the cheap plastic button.  Shirley says, “I have spent many years finding sets of Goofy Buttons.  You can see them on the ‘display only cards’ in the Cabinets of Curiosities at Morpeth Antique Centre, NSW.  If you are lucky you will find a set or a card of mixed Goofies here to purchase. They are becoming more collectable, higher in price, and very hard to find”.