Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Novel



The sixth book in the series.  Hardcover (Australian) first edition with dust jacket.  One owner, like new, with tiny bit of discolouration to pages when you look at the book when closed.  Has a mistake on page 99 of the earliest printings.  Ron mentions that Hermione got ten out-standings and one exceeds expectations for Defence Against the Dark Arts, giving her a total of eleven O.W.L.s.  However, since she dropped both Divination & Muggle Studies in her third year, she could not possibly have got eleven  O.W.L.s since she was only doing ten subjects.  The error was corrected in later editions, in which Ron instead says nine Outstandings and one Exceeds Expectations.  Whilst there were millions of this first edition printed, one wonders how many survive in great condition.  If you are trying to create a set of first editions for future investment, this book may be the one for you.