Hansel Steiff Teddy


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Steiff Teddy Bear Hanselnew for 2020

What makes me special?  Steiff’s Hansel Teddy bear is close to nature in every sense. 36cm With a tousled coat of finest hemp plush. Hemp fabric is made from strands of fibre from the stem of the plant species cannabis sativa (industrial hemp) and spun together to produce a continuous thread which is then woven into fabric. This species is a high yield crop, grown for fabric and seed – not drugs!  Hemp is similar to, but has three times the strength of cotton.  Hansel has soles and paws of pineapple plant and fibre residue. His boot-button eyes (made in Australia) are of bio-compound material and a body full to the brim of love and wood shavings. Limited edition of 1000. 5-way jointed, soft and durable.  Made of uncoated brass, his pendant will develop an elegant patina over time – a sure sign of a long life full of adventure, a life of lasting joys and short-lived woes.  A Steiff bear is an investment for life and is an exclusive gift for every occasion.