Governors of NSW 150 Years Commemorative Plate


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This Australian sesquicentenary plate is a remarkable survivor.  Produced in 1938, it depicts portraits of the 29 NSW Governors who served between 1788 and 1938.  The plate’s illustration was designed in Australia by Bertram Clarence Heath from the Sydney ceramic wholesalers, BJ Heath, while the transfer printed plate itself was made in Staffordshire, England by Wood and Sons.  About 1440 plates were shipped to Sydney and sold as souveniers.  This plate comes with the original booklet!

The sesquicentenary was widely celebrated with a parade on 26th January in 1938, where over one million people watched it pass.  The governors depicted on the plate were exclusively British military officers, knights or peers of the realm.  It was not until 1946 that the first Australian born NSW Governor was appointed.  The plate is a product of its time, when our trade and defence were closely linked to Britain, and most Australians were either born in, or had British descendants, and still referred to Britain as ‘home’.

Also in the centre at the moment is a brown and white version of this plate.  It is priced at $125.