Garden Implements Button Set


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GARDEN IMPLEMENTS – SET OF 6.  Wheelbarrow, trowel, shears, hosecart, watering can, lawnmower.  Set came paint trimmed and plain, metalized and in multicolours.  Plastic with self-shank.

Goofies or Goofy Buttons.  Goofy buttons represent in miniature a hat, dog, horse, flower, person or any other real object one might name.  They date back to the 1930 – 1950s.  Many collectors are now fascinated by collecting in sets.  Obtaining the sets button by button is hard, unless you know what to look for.

Shirley says, “I have spent many years finding sets of Goofy Buttons.  You can see them on the ‘display only cards’ in the Cabinets of Curiosities at Morpeth Antique Centre, NSW.  If you are lucky you will find a set or a card of mixed Goofies here to purchase. They are becoming more collectable, higher in price, and very hard to find”.