Foot Cream with Olive Oil



Our feet carry us, literally, through life, constantly bearing our weight and taking us where we need or want to go. Forced into shoes and only allowed to breathe in freedom at night, the modern day foot does not have an easy life.

This foot cream is full of natural active ingredients to help counter this.  Its formula is rich in plants with disinfecting, soothing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, healing, nourishing and refreshing properties.  Fresh mint crystals tone and stimulate; butcher’s broom, red vine and amica extracts improve circulation, thyme, rosemary and sage are active disinfectants and rice powder takes care of excessive humidity.

Massage morning and/or evening into clean and dry feet.  Massage firmly from the toes towards the ankle then reverse the movement with reduced pressure.  The foot, and especially the sole is filled with nerve endings related to our vital centres.  Gently massaging this sensitive area gives instant stimulation and with practise, one can learn to apply specific local pressures to relieve and stimulate.  75ml.

Une Olive Skincare Made in Provence, France
Jean-Baptiste is the son of an olive oil miller. Shirley & Kylie visited the family farm five years ago on holidays. We were treated to a tour of the olive farm and oil production factory, before heading back to the ‘cellar door’ for a lesson on how to taste olive oil. We also tried delicious locally made tapenade & pesto. Many purchases were made. A quick trip to the wash room before getting back on the bus, saw us and our travel companions rushing back into the farm shop to purchase the best liquid soap hand wash any of us had ever used.

In the past five years Jean’s parents have retired from producing olive oil, but Jean-Baptiste and wife Annabel have continued to create and sell their fabulous natural skin care range. The range includes a Room Spray, Shower Gel, Conditioner, Liquid Soap 300ml with a huge 1 litre refill bottle – because you will want more, Soap Bars, Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Foot Cream, Cleansing Facial Foam, Face Scrub, Face Mask, Mattifying Mask, Body Scrub, Massage Oil, Travel Trio, Face Cream, Anti-ageing (Night) Face Cream & an Instant Lift Radiance (Primer) Face Cream.

In 2011 Une Olive won a prestigious prize for their innovative luxury packaging of these three facial creams. The Formes de Luxe magazine presented the award to Jean-Baptiste in front of 400 people at an evening in Monaco.
We are really excited to feature Une Olive on the shelves in Morpeth Gourmet Foods, alongside delicious Australian produced olive products from the Hunter Valley & Riverina Regions.