Flip the Frog Game




Flip the Frog game includes one multi tiered lily pond and 12 flipping frogs.  It’s just like playing Tiddly Winks, (if you’re old enough to remember playing this game.)  Four players can have three frogs of the same colour each.  Take it in turns to flip one frog onto a lily pad by pressing down with your index finger on the frog’s back.  If your frog lands on the top lily pad you score 100, if you land on the middle pad you score 80 and the bottom, biggest pad scores 60.  If you miss the pads and pond altogether you can pick your frog up and try again.  If your frog lands in the crocodile pond, you score no points and cannot flip that frog again.  The bottom pond measures 15cm x 10mm.  Box measures 19cm x 6cm x 17.5cm.