Farnell Joey Fox Cub – Vintage 25cm sitting



Farnell ‘Joey’ Fox Cub.  95 years old.  Circa 1930’s.  Size 25cm sitting.

Excellent vintage condition for age. Retains Farnell brand tag stitched to underside of tail.  Glass eyes remain bright. Alpaca wool mix plush is in super condition. Press voice squeaker no longer works.  A delightful chap!

J.K Farnell was a London company which manufactured the first British teddy bear in 1906.  Started in 1840 by silk merchant John Kerby Farnell, they made items such as pin cushions and teacosies.

 After his death, his children continued the business, moving from rabbit skin to mohair and making plush toys.  One of their most famous teddy bears was the soldier bear, made during WWI as a pocket companion for soldiers.

The company premises were destroyed by fire in 1934 and by bombing in 1940.  It finally ceased trading in the 1960’s and the Farnell name was taken over by another English toy making company Merrythought.

Farnell webbing on teddy bear paws is a signature of the company, still used today by Merrythought of some of its bear creations.

  Acquired from Lincolnshire, England.