Duperite Kitchen Canister Set


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They are in fabulous condition – apart from the hairline crack in the flour canister.  Pefhaps you could forgive them that, as they’ve been used for around 75 years. Each one neatly nestles inside the next, for easy storage when not in use.

Duperite was a brandname used by MPA Moulded Plastics Australia.  Established by John Derham in 1927, it was the first plastics firm in Victoria.  They purchased  ‘Beetle’ powder from the Britsh Cyanide Company to make Duperite.  They were famous for their canisters, screw top jars, salt box, salt and pepper shakers, spoons, scoops etc…  Later MPA produced Melmac and in 1966 became part of the Nylex Company.