Drink Cooler – Guinea Fowl Blue


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This neoprene cooler is perfect to keep your drink cold as well as making it easy to recognise which one is yours. Use one design for yourself and a different one for your mate. Coolers fit most standard size cans and stubby bottles.

Guinea fowl are native to the West Coast of Africa and have a distinctive polka dot plumage, with bald helmeted heads.  They might be a strange-looking bird but they’re becoming increasingly popular in Australian backyards and lifestyle blocks.  Many people love their Guinea fowl because the birds are full of personality.

Guinea fowl are a hit with gardeners thanks to their voracious appetite for demolishing bugs and pest insects in the garden.  Generally surface feeders they tend not to scratch or uproot established garden plants (be wary about letting them loose amongst your young veggie seedlings).  They are also popular because their loud warning cries serve as a perfect alarm system against predators such as snakes or foxes and they will also let you know when people come to your property.  Guinea fowl personalities and antics are highly entertaining and many people love them for their quirks.