Dig It Out Dinosaur Nest



There are six different dinosaur breeds in the series and it’s a ‘lucky dip’ as to which one you will receive.  You may get to excavate a Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Seismosaurus, Deinonychus, Stegosaurus, Maiasura.   Box measures 14cm x 5cm x 11cm.

The box contains an earthen block, a digging tool, a brush and base.  Place the block on an easy to clean surface or on a big sheet of paper.  Use the digging tool to gently scrape away the plaster.  When you see an object through the plaster, continue digging very carefully.  Dig away all the plaster around the object before removing it.  Remove the remaining plaster from the object with a brush or a cloth.  If necessary you can wash off the remaining plaster with water.  When done your dinosaur nest will be revealed in all its glory.  Not suitable for children under three.  Great fun for children and adults alike.