Clarice Cliff ‘Rhodanthe’ Vase

$1,100.00 $895.00


It was like something off the Antiques Roadshow.  Sue who works in our office, was dusting and tidying her bedroom last weekend.  On the floor in the corner of the room with some willow branch stuffed in it has been this vase – for decades.  Sue’s mother gave it to her and Great Aunty Hilda had given it to Sue’s mother.

Since the Morpeth Antique Centre opened a few years ago, Sue has learnt that collectors love Clarice Cliff.  Pieces never stay on the shelves for long.  An article published in the Australian Antiques & Collectables for Pleasure & Profit on Susie Cooper versus Clarice Cliff only added to the Clarice collecting frenzy at the centre.

Not daring to hope, but recognising it as looking like a Clarice design, Sue decided to look a little closer at the vase and to her amazement she discovered the Bizarre Clarice Cliff backstamp on the base.  This vase, urn or jug in the Lotus shape is in perfect condition.  There are no chips, cracks or crazing.  It’s large – 28cm in height.  It’s beautiful.  The pattern is ‘Rhodanthe’ and it dates from 1934-1941.  ‘Rhodanthe’ design was painted onto tea ware, plates & this vase.

Sue hasn’t had much affection for the vase, except that it once belonged to dearly departed Hilda.  God bless her.  If Sue can find a home for this vase, with a collector who will appreciate it so much more than she has, she’ll shout her mum on a weekend getaway somewhere special!

Should you wish to purchase, we’ll throw in a copy of the magazine that features the article & Sue will pack your purchase with love and like a caretaker of a little piece of history, send it on it’s way.