Chilli Relish


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You’ll notice we couldn’t choose just one chutney/relish – we had to add four because they taste so good.  You can use any of Ian’s chutneys on a Ploughman’s lunch style spread, liven up a hot roast, cold meat sandwich, dollop on pizza, bruschetta or add to your casseroles, taco mince etc…you’ll love experimenting.

Way back in the ‘dark ages’ Ian worked for Michelin in the UK rating the world’s top restaurants – feared and admired just like Matt Preston is today.  Jenny used to work in the Queen’s stables as a groom and was a champion equestrian rider.  After making Australia their home Ian (chef) &  Jenny (front of house) ran the successful Old George & Dragon Restaurant at East Maitland, near Morpeth Hunter Valley for around 25 years before retiring.  They consistently won chefs hat awards with the Sydney Morning Herald & Gourmet Food magazines for Ian’s French inspired food.  Manu would have loved to dine there as the highlight of every single one of Ian’s dishes was the sauce!  My brother used to order an extra boat of Stilton Sauce for his medium steak – always.

Ian and Jenny moved to the Southern Highlands for a quieter lifestyle, a few years back and we can no longer call their produce local, but Ian got excited & motivated by all the fabulous heirloom fruit and vegetables grown in Southern Highlands got back in the kitchen.  He’ll tell you he works just as hard now as he did in the restaurant, keeping up with orders for his amazing butters, jams and chutneys.  Every chutney is a version of one of those restaurant sauces.  I loved his Duck breast with red wine jus and beetroot and orange (chutney) for example…  The range of jams and chutneys are seasonal, but we always have the big four in stock – Piccallili, Mango, Chilli & Asparagus.  His best selling jam is Orange and Whisky, but make Ian’s day and try an Exeter Plum Jam, Crabapple Jelly or Quince Jam.

Hat fabrics on the lid of the product will vary.

Ian’s range also includes:

Butters – Lemon, Lime/Coconut, Passionfruit, Passionfruit/Mango, Guava.

Chutneys – Piccalilli, Mango, Spiced Asparagus, Chilli, Beetroot/Orange, Pumpkin, Capsicum/Currant, Fennel/Onion, Hot Eggplant, Zucchini, Rhubarb/Ginger and others seasonal

Jams – Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Red Currant, Orange/Whisky, Plum – different varieties, Apricot, Fig, Fig/Almond, Fig/Ginger, Rhubarb/Ginger, Quince plus others seasonal

Jellies – Quince, Crabapple, Mint

Dressings and Sauces – Plum, Honey Mustard