Carlton Ware Leaf Dish – Amber



Measures 25cm x 22cm.  No Damage.

If you wish to acquire green or yellow Carlton Ware Salad Ware, please get in touch. Helen has hundreds of pieces in her cabinet and in storage. We’ll send you a list and some images of all items available. Salad Ware was introduced in the late 1930’s and the series continued in unbroken production into the 1960’s, although later designs were progressively simplified to reduce the high cost of hand painting. Most of Helen’s pieces are 1940 – 1950’s. This dinner ware then went out of vogue in the 1970’s – 2000’s, but has had a retro revival from 2015 onwards. It’s highly collectable again now – for its quality, colour and quirkiness at high tea and garden parties. It remains inexpensive to buy…

Featured in her online shop are styles and patterns that are perhaps a little harder to come by.
Carlton Ware was a pottery manufacturer based in Stoke-on-Trent. The company is known for its tableware often in the form of highly decorated leaves or fruit and the ceramic toucans it made as promotional items for Guinness are famous worldwide. It produced hand painted domestic pottery in high art deco styles during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The factory was founded in 1890 as Wiltshaw and Robinson. The trademark Carlton Ware was introduced in 1894, and the factory was renamed the Carlton Works. It became Carlton Ware Limited in 1958 and was sold to Arthur Wood and Sons in 1966. The company continued to trade until developing financial difficulties in the late 1980’s. Production finally ceased in 1992. In 1997 the brand was resurrected and it continues to manufacture novelty items aimed at the collectors market.

The availability of new techniques using automated high temperature kilns allowed improved high lustre table ware in the ‘Royale’ brand to be introduced in 1949 and this continued to be produced into the early 1970’s. By the 1970’s their focus moved to novelty items such as their ‘Walking Ware’ – egg cups, teapots and mugs on legs.