Book – The Cassowary’s Egg


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“Eggths, eggths, eggths, to my taste they are auspicthious, I eat them boiled, I eat them fried, they really are delithious…”

Calvin the Australian Native Cassowary is left to mind the nest when his partner Carla goes away.  All is well as Calvin quietly counts away the days – until he is tricked by a wily, lisping goanna who wants some eggs for his supper…

(The goanna pinches an egg, Calvin gets it back, but when Carla gets home and it hatches out, it’s a baby crocodile!  Luckily for Calvin all ends up well when he rescues the other egg and the crocodiles mother is found and reunited with her baby.)

It’s a hilarious story, for the young and young at heart.  You are guaranteed to have a chuckle or two, reading this one at bedtime.

Written and illustrated by Garry Fleming, successful Australian wildlife artist, children’s author and illustrator.

Softcover.  Measures 25cm x 25cm.