Book Plate – How the Bears got their Christmas Pudding



It’s a 100 year old book plate/page from a first edition hardcover book/magazine called ‘Little Folks: The Young People’s Magazine’, printed by Cassell & Company, for distribution in London, New York, Toronto & Melbourne.  It contained short stories, articles and poetry, but the real beauty of these books is the treasury of illustrations in a variety of styles, from figures trailing around page margins, comic strip style, photo reproductions, full colour page plates by some of the best illustrators of the time and throughout history.

Your book page may have parts of stories and articles on the back of it, which are little snapshots of significant events and common life at the turn of the century and the early 1900’s.  Two books were pulled apart (decades ago) for their images – one from 1910 and the other 1911.  The two books were originally purchased in Bath, England and brought to Sydney with their owner 40 years ago.  When the books began to fall apart, she pulled them apart to use the images in doll & teddy craft projects, to frame and cover books.