Bobble Head Money Box


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These bobble head figurines were popular during the 1960’s and the decade either side.  Whilst some Australian pottery houses made them, many were imported from Japan to Australia.  If you went on a North Coast road trip to the GC (Gold Coast), Queensland, you may have stopped off at Coffs Harbour, Byron Bay, Ballina, the big pineapple… and this is the souvenier you would have purchased.  Smaller figures often had the name of the town painted on them.  Some featured tropical fruit, whilst others wore straw hats.  This version is the largest produced & measures 25cm in height.  Due to the removable head balancing on a metal spring, almost all you see have damage.  This one has a chunk out at the top of the spring, but the head & body of this figure remain intact with no damage.  The plug in the base is missing, so we have fashioned one out of cork, so you may still use as a money box if you wish.