Barnes Honey ‘His, Hers, Mum & Dad’ Glasses


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Kraft introduced it’s Swanky Swig glasses in Australia in 1939.  In 1940 Women’s Weekly advertisements featured a set of four Disney glasses featuring mickey, minnie, donald & this three nephews.  Within was a new range of cheese spreads.  So popular were the spreads and collecting the glasses to get a set, they released in 1940, a set of four Disney characters that coincided with the movie release of Pinocchio.  Three more characters were added to the original glass series making seven altogether.

These two ‘original’ sets are the ‘holy grail’ for Swanky Swig collectors and Disney collectors.  This is reflected in the price!

Barne’s Honey based in Melbourne, Australia also used Disney characters and other themes to sell their honey.  This set of four glasses features His, Her’s, Mum & Dad designs.  They’ll transport you back to the 1950’s for sure… Each glass measures 12cm in height.

Companies in Australia such as Kraft, Sanitarium, ETA, Cottees, Greig’s, Tristrams, Jack & Jill & Barnes, sold condiments including Vegemite, Marmite, peanut butter, mayonnaise, sweet spread like lemon butter, honey or a savoury relish for sandwiches, nuts, pickled onions & gherkins. Once the contents were consumed, collect and re-use the glasses.