Australian Two Dollar Coin 2012


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Royal Australian Mint folder featuring an uncirculated mintmark ‘C’ version of Australia’s first ever coloured commemorative coin.  Depicting the red poppy, this ‘C’ Mintmark coin is the ‘Holy Grail’ for $2 coloured coin collectors.  There are three different versions of this coin.

There were 20,000 $2 coins produced in a stamp and coin version – part of approximately 41 thousand ‘C’ Mintmark red poppy coins produced.

A red coloured, non-mintmarked version which was released into circulation and also issued through RSL Clubs in a presentation folder/card.

The poppy coin that circulated in the community did not have any red colour on it and there were 5.8million of these minted.

This red poppy coin was the first coloured commemorative $2 Coin issued by the Royal Australian Mint. It commemorates Remembrance Day, the 11th of November, where at 11 am a minutes silence is observed to remember all of the fallen soldiers of all of the wars.