Annili Lenci Doll


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Elena König was born in Turin in 1885. She moved to Germany, where she acquired the pet name of Lenchen which mutated into Lenci when back in Italy. During the chaos of the Great War where Italy fought against Germany, she experimented with felt, and its many properties. She married Enrico Scavini in 1915, and he included felt doll manufacture in the Lenci business- one that was primarily concerned with ceramics.  In 1937, the firm employed 300 workers and the family relinquished control.  The factory was bombed during an air-raid in 1944. The company liquidated in 2002.

Annili was the name of Elena’s daughter, and the designer of this 45cm Annili Doll.  Couple tiny holes.  A small repair on on hand. Dressed in petticoat, felt pants, dress, jacket.  The big bright eyes draw you in, always looking sideways.  A striking doll in Excellent condition.