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Very cute New ‘Grace Flat Dolls’ designed and handmade by Vicki Leeke, in 1800s style. Priced from $85 to $165 they are reminescent of Izannah Walker Dolls from the 1800s.
Making of a Grace Flat Doll. First make the Original Izannah Walker 1800s style doll usually with all the imperfections on her face, as if she came out of the 19th Century. They are 20 inches tall. Vicki travelled to USA to learn this art then applied her own method. Their moulded faces are covered with layers of cloth and they take 4 months to make.

Minimised pictures of the large doll are transposed onto plain vintage fabric. A plain backing is sewn onto the printed picture. Body is sewn. Stuff with 100% cotton stuffing or pure wool. Legs and arms have a sewn joints to give some movement. Hair is either painted or real hair is used. Sew or paint extra details on legs (shoes, boots, shoe laces) and arms to create a more authentic 1800’s look. Then you paint eyes, face details. This gives the doll its character. Finished doll is sprayed with an aging fluid. Some have a bit more class, with paler faces and rosy cheeks. Make pants, dress, hat with vintage fabric and use antique lace & button embellishments.