Shop 69
175 Swan Street
Mobile: 0437 945 546
Upstairs: Rare & Interesting Books, Vinyl Records & Collectable Glass & Ceramic Figurines/Sculptural Pieces. Shop 69 is located on the first floor of Morpeth Antique Centre, accessible by either the stairs or a ramp for wheelchairs & walking frames. Take a seat and browse through boxes of vinyl records, which never went out of date, but are well and truly back in vogue now. Prince, Elvis, Beetles, Bee Gees, Fleetwood Mac are favourites for many, but Kevin has a vinyl for all genres. There’s even a signed Mariah Carey vinyl – one that James Packer hasn’t found yet! And that’s the thing about Shop 69 – if you linger long enough, you will find a favourite. Books are Kevin’s second passion – rare and interesting – maritime, militaria, children’s, novels, non-fiction, biographies. Then there’s Kevin’s cabinets full of Ceramic ware – Doulton, Gouda, Copenhagen, Beswick, Wade, Shelley and more. The ‘mens cabinet’ contains objects such as pocket scales, bugels, binoculars, snuff boxes and other treasures.